Clinical Science Laboratory adheres to all state and federal regulations in regards to laboratory protocol and procedures. More importantly, we are CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act) and CAP (College of Affiliated Pathologists) certified. Our laboratory technicians are all ASCP certified and Dr. Lou Amoruso, one of our two co-directors is a DATIA certified collector. He provides training on proper collections to all our employees.

Dr. Stanley Elfbaum, a co-director, is a diplomat of the American Board of Clinical Chemists. He is board certified in clinical chemistry. Stan served as a Laboratory Practices Consultant for Massachusetts Medicaid for many years.

Dr. Louis Amoruso is a qualified expert witness in district, superior and federal courts in matters of toxicology. Lou provides in-service workshops to many clients and has frequently offered his time and consultation to the Department of Corrections and Sheriff's Offices both by phone and in person.


Our expertise in the field goes well beyond urine and serum toxicology testing. CSL also performs highly esoteric testing for area hospitals, physician offices and other laboratories that do not have the equipment or the trained staff to perform specialized tests.

CSL is also a leader in the area of meconium drug screening.

We are the only lab in New England to perform such testing with less than a 24 hour turn around time. CSL makes the difference when the Department of Social Services is considering taking an infant that has potentially been exposed to drugs of abuse in utero.

Research companies consult our reference laboratory when seeking pooled samples for further studies. We provide comparative fluid samples of known positive values for the purpose of clinical trials, product development and diagnosing infectious disease in early stages. Library categories include but are not limited to cancer markers, endocrinology, fertility, autoimmune and high risk.

Clinical Science has also taken part in projects required to provide information to the FDA for applications on drug patents, testing techniques, etc.

We are there when our customer needs us.