We offer a variety of volumes as well as customized service and welcome the opportunity to discuss and work on collaborations in supplying our innovative TMB product, called NeA-Blue to the medical, diagnostic, and research markets.

Clinical Science Products, Inc. offers its NeA-Blue TMB Substrate in a variety of standardized volumes as well as offering customized packaging and volume fills of our product that meet your required specifications.

NeA-Blue TMB Substrate Catalog No.: 01016-1

100 mL
200 mL
500 mL
1000 mL
Bulk volume over 1000 mL

We offer customized packaging and volume fills offered

Standard and Custom Volumes
Customized Packaging and Volume Fills
100% water base
Easily Shipped and User friendly
Product could easily be adapted to Automation
Sensitive and Stable
Non-hazardous, Non-volatile,
Non-organic, Non-toxic,
and Environmentally "safe"

Feel free to contact us with your specifications or for pricing.