Urine Screens: CSL requires only a small amount of urine to perform a drug screen and a possible confirmation if needed. Don’t worry if the patient does not fill the cup as long as there is sufficient to perform both tests.

It is vital that the sample reach us in tact within the specimen bottle. Please re-check that lids are tight before sending them to us.

Also, assure that all of the same pertinent information is printed both on the cup and the requisition. Patient’s name, ID number and date collected are examples of cup to requisition match.

Below is a list of the test tube requirements for each test performed.

Tube Top Color
Plain Red Top None Suggested use:Methadone levels – peak & troughs
Lavender Top EDTA CBC’s
Mottled/Tiger TopSerum Separator Tube with Silicone Gel None Chemistry Tests, HIV,RPR, HepatitisAllow blood to clot upright for 10-15 minutes, then spin within an hour for 10 minutes.

The amount of blood needed for testing is as follows: Note – 3ml of whole blood usually yields 1ml of serum.

  • Methadone serum – 1 ml
  • Chem panel – 1 ml
  • Hepatitis tests – 1 ml
  • HIV tests – ½ ml of serum