CSL performs routine and esoteric diagnostic testing, including testing in immunology, steroids, DNA-probe, Hepatitis, pregnancy and HIV as well as STD’s.

That’s not all! The list is huge! E-mail us for more information about additional routine urine testing.



As a provider of diagnostic testing, Clinical Science has great appreciation for our lab technicians and the role they play in patient care. Commitment to quality and accuracy of blood testing results are of the highest importance. They check and re-check results to assure they are completely accurate.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and our technicians are regularly trained in new techniques, getting information on new protocols and keeping up with the ever changing field of clinical diagnostic testing..

We offer a huge array of blood testing, from the routine to the esoteric; CBC, RPR, Chemistry Profiles, Hepatitis, HIV, Lyme disease and many more. These are just the beginning. For more information or a test directory, e-mail us today!



CSL is a comprehensive reference laboratory, providing a complete range of esoteric testing for other laboratories, physicians, hospitals, research firms and businesses.

We routinely assist pharmaceutical companies by developing protocols for clinical testing as well as providing third party testing and research when a company must have a testing history for drugs they are submitting for approval to federal agencies

Our pharmacologists, toxicologists and chemists form a sophisticated quality control team to participate in proficiency testing programs for the Center of Disease Control and other entities. Our staff is highly motivated to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We are there for you when you need us.

In addition, we perform forensic testing for state and local agencies. Testing includes but is not limited to: blood urine, gastric and ocular samples.



Did you know that workplace drug testing has resulted in a 60% decline in the percent of workers testing positive for abused drugs – and the rate is growing?

When you hire someone, chances are you are looking for someone who will be an asset to your organization, not a burden.

This is the reason why, as an employer, it makes sense both financially and operationally that you implement and maintain a drug free workplace program consisting of education, policy and drug testing.

Clinical Science lab is here to help. We can assist you in developing a random testing protocol that will not only help you find out who your effective workers are, but also who is going to cost your company lost wages and time off the job.
We maintain the strictest of confidentiality in accordance with all state and federal laws governing drug testing.



Our new Wellness program called “Jump into Health” was recently developed by our laboratory to help those people who are conscious of their health and want to assure they are on the right path. This program is geared to people who are taking preventative measures in staying healthy. They might be getting enough rest, exercising and/or modifying their diet and just want to keep a check on things.

  • Have you had your cholesterol checked?
  • Getting too much fat in your diet? Have your triglycerides or your LDH or HDH checked.
  • Are you diabetic? Do you need to have your glucose checked?

Our program in no way replaces good sound medical advice. It is in compliment with a regularly scheduled check up. Many of our current clients come to us after they have seen their physician and are just checking on their cholesterol, trying to bring the number down.